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In this ‘Doctors’ Post, Information on the Doctors from the Village is given.


Doctors as NRIs

Dr.Manne Gopichand s/o Sri Manne Narasayya (late) & Smt.Naga Bhaskaramba (late) in USA


Dr.Lingam Siva Kumar s/o Sri Lingam Veera Bhadrayya (late) & Smt.Mastanamma (Surapaneni) (late) & Smt.Dr.Vijaya Lakshmi  in USA


Dr.Lingam Venkata Ramana Sai Kumar s/o Sri Lingam Nageswara Rao & Smt.Kamala Manoharam (Surapaneni) (Vijayawada) & Smt.Dr.Vijaya Lakshmi in USA


Dr.Veena (Surapaneni) d/o Sri Surapaneni Janardhana Rao (late) (Guntur) in USA


Dr.Surapaneni Purna Chandra Rao s/o Sri Surapaneni Radha Krishna Rao (Guntur) s/o Sri Surapaneni Venkatramayya (late) in Detroit, USA 


 Dr.Surapaneni Lakshmi Narayana Prasad s/o Sri Surapaneni Radha Krishna Rao (Guntur) s/o Sri Surapaneni Venkatramayya (late) in Houston, USA 


Dr.Neelima (Potluri) d/o Dr.Potluri Bhaskara Rao & Smt.Jayasree (Kolli) (Vijayawada) in USA.


Dr.Surapaneni Rama Krishna Rao s/o Sri Surapaneni Surya Prakasa Rao (late) & Smt.Sitaravamma (late) in Canada


Dr.Meenavalli Sesha Sree (Surapaneni) d/o Sri Surapaneni Radha Krishna Rao (Guntur) s/o Sri Surapaneni Venkatramayya (late) in Belize, Central America


Dr.Lingamaneni Purna Chandra Sekhara Rao s/o Sri Lingamaneni Sitaramayya (late) & Smt.Saraswathamma (Surapaneni) (late) & Smt.Dr.Vijaya Lakshmi in Australia


Dr.Surapaneni Prem Chand s/o Sri Surapaneni Purnachandra Rao in Saudi Arabia


Dr.Uppalapati Syam Prasad & Smt.Vijaya Kumari d/o Sri Lingamaneni Venkataratnam (late) & Smt.Mastanamma (Surapaneni) (late) in Muscat


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May 1, 2016 - Posted by | Special


  1. suresh kumar surapaneni s/o sarat chandra babu and grand son of surapaneni chalamaiah of pedasani gallu

    address-pragna hospital,saibaba temple lane,dwarakapuri colony,panjagutta


    Comment by suresh kumar surapaneni | August 10, 2008

  2. It’s great idea to get to know our folks through this website.I would like to provide info about my family to be put in please
    1)Dr purna chandra rao surapaneni ,Detroit,usa s/o radha krishna rao(guntur) s/o late venkata ramaih
    2) Dr Lakshmi narayana prasad,Houston,usa s/o Radha krishna rao
    3)Dr Sesha sree Meenavalli(surapaneni)belize,central America d/o Radhakrishna rao
    Thanks,keep the good work going


    Comment by Dr purna chandra rao surapaneni | August 14, 2009

  3. Thanks for the information and compliment. Please mail further details regarding your family.

    Comment by Krishnarao | August 15, 2009

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