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In Hyderabad

In Hyderabad  

In this ‘In Hyderabad’ Post, Information – on Persons from Pedasanagallu who have migrated to Hyderabad & their Family details – is given.

  • In Page 01Family Details of Pedasanagallu Families in Hyderabad
  • In Page 02, Family details of Persons from Surapaneni vari Chandrappa gari Kuduru
  • In Page 03, Family details of Persons from Surapaneni vari Muttanna gari Kuduru
  • In Page 04, Family details of persons from Surapaneni vari Subbanna gari Kuduru
  • In Page 05, Family details of Persons from Surapaneni vari Sobbanna gari Kuduru
  • In Page 06, Family details of Persons from Surapaneni vari Vallanna gari Kuduru
  • In Page 07, Family details of Persons from Lingamaneni vari Families
  • In Page 08, Family details of Persons from Lingam vari Families
  • In Page 09Family details of Persons from Kolli vari Families
  • In Page 10Family details of Persons from Others Families


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May 1, 2016 - Posted by | Pedasanagallus


  1. Hi Brother(Venkata Krishna Rao Surapaneni),

    Congratulations for informative and useful blog.

    Balaramakrishna Surapaneni,Hyderabad.

    Comment by Balaramakrishna Surapaneni | August 28, 2010

  2. Dear Balaram,
    Thanks for your message. You can send information regarding your activities for inclusionin the blog.

    Comment by Krishnarao | August 28, 2010

  3. brother iam great grand son of surepneni gopala krishnaiah freedom fighter in 1930 can u please note us pls call to 09030051421 i can give u full information about my family

    Comment by surepneni naga venkata sairam | July 17, 2011

  4. Dear Sairam,
    Please visit our Pedasanagallu_Surapaneni Family Tree in site. I sent an Invitation to your mail adress. I included your details in English Version visible in this site. To include in Telugu Version which is visible in Pedasanagallu News, it takes time. You send all the details by mail to
    krishnarao surapaneni

    Comment by Krishnarao | July 20, 2011

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