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In Other Places

 In Other Places      

In this ‘In Other Places’ Post, Information – on Persons from Pedasanagallu who have migrated to Places other than Foreign Countries, Hyderabad & Vijayawada & their Family details – is given.

  • In Page 01Family details of Pedasanagallu Families in Other Places
  • In Page 02, Family details of Persons in Other Places North of Pedasanagallu
  • In Page 05, Family details of Persons in Other Places East of Pedasanagallu
  • In Page 06, Family details of Persons in Other Places West of Pedasanagallu
  • In Page 07, Family details of Persons in Other Places South of Pedasanagallu


Note : If  Page Nos. are not visible here, please click on ‘Comments‘/ ‘No Comments Yet‘ shown below.



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May 1, 2016 - Posted by | Pedasanagallus


  1. sri venkata krishna rao garu ….
    thank u for adding my name in addresses in other places….
    but my family members names are not added…
    mother : dhanalakshmi(late)
    spouse : garapati sirisha
    daughter: uma
    son :venkata satya kaladhar
    so i want to add this in my address

    Comment by surapaneni siva rama krishna prasad | October 17, 2009

  2. Sri Venkata Krishna Rao garu,

    Myself S. Siva rama krishna prasad s/o S. Nageshwara rao.

    here i got transferred from khammam to Raichur(karnataka). so my new address and telephone number had been changed.

    Deputy Manager, Power grid corporation of India limited 1-4-89/54,55 Somaramana gouda colony
    Near Ramalingeswara temple,
    Raichur- 584101.

    Ph no: 09483521101


    Comment by S.S.R.K.Prasad | May 31, 2012

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