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News (Aug.2016)

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Institutional Activities



Sri Venkateswara Swamy vari Devasthanam published its 2016 August calendar.

2016_Devasthanam_August Calendar

Devasthanam_August 2016 Calendar



Visit to India

S.Neel Kanth

Sri Surapaneni Neel Kanth (TX, USA) is on a three week Visit to India since last week of July.  He is visiting his parents Sri Surapaneni Venkata Krishna Rao & Smt. Swarupa Rani at Vijayawada.  He is accompanied by his Son Chi. Gautam. He returns back to USA in the 3rd week of August.



Visit to India

S.Sudha Vahini

Smt. Surapaneni Sudha Vahini (CA, USA) is on a three week Visit to India since third week of July.  She is the wife of Sri Surapaneni Sobhan Babu. She is visiting her in-laws Sri Surapaneni Sree Rama Krishna Prasad & Smt. Ganga Bhavani at Pedasanagallu and parents at Guntur.  She is accompanied by her two Sons.



Visit to India


Smt. Ghanta Lavanya (USA) is on a Visit to India.  She is visiting her parents Sri Surapaneni Pitcheswara Rao & Smt. Sudha Rani at Vijayawada. 



Visit to India


Sri Surapaneni Phaneendra (USA) is on a Visit to India. He is visiting his parents Sri Surapaneni Rama Prasad & Smt. Nalini at Vijayawada



S.Venkateswara Rao

Sri Surapaneni Venkateswara Rao s/o Purushotham @ Bulliah (Pedasanagallu) passed away on 10-08-2016 after brief illness.

Pedasanagallu News expresses its heartfelt condolences to his bereaved family.

May His Soul Rest in Peace.



S.Vara Lakshmi

Smt. Surapaneni (Siripurapu) Vara Lakshmi @ Peda Papa w/o Sri Surapaneni Subrahmanyeswara Rao (Clifton, NJ, USA) passed away in USA on 15-08-2016. She is the elder daughter of Sri Siripurapu Seshaiah @ Drill Mastaru (late) (Pedasanagallu). She has two sons , two (elder) brothers Siripurapu Venkata Subba Rao (Clifton, NJ, USA) & Siripurapu Sobhana Vara Prasad (Hyderabad) and one younger sister Smt. Vijaya Lakshmi (Newyork, USA).

Pedasanagallu News expresses its heartfelt condolences to her bereaved family.

May Her Soul Rest in Peace.


Individual Activities

In the News

Sri S.Neel Kanth, Smt. S.Sudha Vahini & Sri S.S.Chalapathi Rao

Sri Surapaneni Neel Kanth (TX, USA) and Smt. Surapaneni Sudha Vahini (CA, USA) are in the News in Sakshi daily  dated 11-08-2016. They are felicitated by Surapaneni vari Samkshema Sangham on 10-08-1016 at Vijayawada. At this Function Sri Surapaneni Sobhana Chalapathi Rao (Vijayawada) presented a Cheque for Rs.20,000/- as Financial Assistance to a 1st B.Tech. student from Anamanapudi.


Surapaneni vari Samkshema Sangham_Invitation


2016_SurapaneniSS_S.Neel Kanth

Sri Surapaneni Sree Rama Krishna Prasad presenting Memento to Sri Surapaneni Neel Kanth


2016_SurapaneniSS_S.Sudha Vahini

Smt. Kodali Sesharatnam presenting Memento to Smt. Surapaneni Sudha Vahini


2016_SurapaneniSS_S.S.Chalapathi Rao

Sri Surapaneni Sobhana Chalapathi Rao presenting a cheque for Rs.20,000/- as Financial Assistance to 1st B.Tech. Student from Anamanapudi



Surapaneni vari Samkshema Sangham_Function_Sakshi_11.08.16

View the Felicitation Album at



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