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‘Pedasanagallu News’ welcomes you to visit this Blog for a knowledge on Pedasanagallu. Pedasanagallu is a Village situated in Movva Mandal of Krishna District in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is 2 km away from Kuchipudi, famous for Kuchipudi dance.

This Blog is created by Krishnarao Surapaneni. 

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  1. hiii this is niranjanchowdary from pedasangallu.
    i’m very happy to know about an webpage on our village

    Comment by niranjanchowdary cherukuri | August 30, 2008

  2. SURAPANENI DLIPKUMAR lerane vartha chusi nammalekapoinanu.PEDASANAGALLU grama prajalaku ayana leni lotu theeranidi,Rajakiyamga veluguloki vasthunna tharunam lo DLIP ika ledane vartha naku bada kaliginchindi,MINAKUMARI gariki kutumba sabyulaku maa pragada sanubhuthi

    Comment by vydhar vemulapalli | October 31, 2008

  3. Krishna Rao garu i am not sure that this is the right place to tell something about our village but everyone should know about this. But I don’t know how to resolve this problem.
    Entho peru vunna pedasanagallu lo jaruguthunna donga thanalu gurunchi pattinchukone vallu leru.evaraki vallu manakendhuku le ani complaint kooda ivvatam ledu.Idi ilage vunte inka aa village ki future lo security anedi lekunda pothundhi. anthe kaadu ilagae voorukunte ilanti dongatanale peddavi avvataniki chances ekkuvu ga vuntayi (Endhuku ante evaru pattinchu kotam ledu kadha ani peddavi kooda start chestharu). Last time my father police complaint kooda icharu but no use.

    Can you please do something to solve this problem if you have chance or Time?
    Dear Venkat
    Thanks for your interest in ‘Pedasanagallu News’. I could not understand the actual problem you are mentioning. I am visiting Pedasanagallu almost every week and I didnot hear any such thing. Most probably, it maynot have come to my notice. I could have enquired about the incident , if I had recognised you. Plesae send me your family details so that I can gather information regading this in my next visit to our Village.

    Comment by venkat | December 10, 2008

  4. Hi sir,

    You are doing a great job.I am daughter of Asha(potluri).My mother is Grand-daughter of Mr.Mandava venkateswara Rao.I use to visit Pedasanagallu on holidays in my childhood.By seeing the pictures of school,palakendram & people i was recollecting all my childhood sweet memories.And now am sharing some of my memories with you.From my 2nd to 5th standard summer holidays i gave milk to palakendram,our grand parents house is located at,the road side by high school from there to palakendram i alone go by walk to give milk.For this my moms grany offer me 25 paise each day.After Mrs.Sesha Ratnam Mandava(potluri) death i was far away from village.

    Dear Ms. Keerthi,
    Thanks for your mail. You are free to send the Family details of your grand father Sri Mandava Venkateswara Rao, your Parents and yours along with photos. I wish to include them in our Pedasanagallu News.
    with best wishes

    Comment by keerthi | February 17, 2009

  5. I could not understand your comment.

    Comment by Krishnarao | April 18, 2009

  6. హెల్లొ ఫ్రెండ్స్, ఈ బ్లోగ్ లోని మిత్రులకు మరుయు వారి ఫ్యామిలీ మెంబర్స్ అందరికి
    “” విజయదశమి శుభాకాంక్షలు “” – ఫ్రమ్ , మెంబర్స్ ,పెడసనగల్లు(ఓర్కుట్ కమ్యూనిటీ)

    hear is the link for our orkut community -(PEDASANAGALLU)

    Comment by niranjan cherukuri | September 28, 2009

  7. Hi,
    Please add me (Sai Naveen Lingam) and my wife “Vishnu Priya Lingam” in
    NRI lingam family

    Kalyan Prasad Lingam
    Manjusha Lingam(Malineni)

    Comment by Sai Naveen Lingam | November 13, 2010

  8. Dear Naveen,
    Thanks for the information.

    Comment by Krishnarao | November 14, 2010

  9. Hi,
    Please add (Sai Praveen Lingam) in the vamshavruksham

    Kalyan Prasad Lingam
    Manjusha Lingam(Malineni)

    Comment by karteek | June 7, 2011

  10. Dear Karteek,
    Thanks for your comment. Sai Praveen Lingam is already included in the Telugu Vamsavruksham pages, where male persons only are included. In the NRI posts, his name is included along with parents names. Please clarify where his name is missing ?
    surapaneni krishnarao

    Comment by Krishnarao | June 8, 2011

  11. where is muttanna gari vamsavruksham tree if it is available please send to mail

    Comment by Surapaneni venkateswararao | October 14, 2011

  12. muttanna gari kuduru vamsavruksham is almost ready. There are some doubts regarding generations. Anyhow it will be finalised before the end of october and will be included in the published one.
    surapaneni krishnarao

    Comment by Krishnarao Surapaneni | October 15, 2011

  13. thanking you

    Comment by Surapaneni venkateswararao | October 15, 2011

  14. Please send your details.
    surapaneni krishnarao

    Comment by Krishnarao Surapaneni | October 17, 2011

  15. surapaneni venkateswara Rao,5th son of Lakshmi perumallu,Mokhasakalavapudi, Mandavalli(M), working as Asst. Executive Engineer,RWS&S Dept.Vijayawada.names of my elder brothers 1)S.suryaramalakshmaiah 2)S.Subba Rao 3)S.Gandhi Bose Babu, 4)S.Rama Rao. my grand father name is S.Subbaih

    Comment by s.venkateswara Rao | October 19, 2011

  16. Dear Venkateswara Rao,
    Please send the details of your connection with pedasanagallu. Thanks.
    surapaneni krishnarao

    Comment by Krishnarao Surapaneni | October 23, 2011

  17. Dear sir
    Muthanna garikuduruloni 5 brothers lo vakaru Surapaneni subbaiah garu and he is my grand father came from pedasanagallu to mokhasakalavapudi and his fist son is my father and second son is Ragavaiah surapaneni and his sons 1)pedda subbaiah and 2) subose chandra bose.My grand father has five brothers one went to Lankapalli,one went to Hanumanthapuram(gaddipadu), one is at pedasanagallu, one at Dondapadu.Dilip surapaneni is also muthana garikuduru.

    Comment by S.Venkateswara Rao | October 25, 2011

  18. Dear Venkateswara Rao garu,
    Thanks for your details. I could not go into the details deeply as I am busy with my daughter’s visit and aso with SriVenkateswara Swamy Devasthanam Development Society Managing Committee Meeting. I will be studying the draft of Muttanna gari Vamsavruksham and the details you have sent by 31st of this month and I have to discuss with some of the Muttanna gari Kuduru members before finalising it. If you know some or all the names of your grand father’s brothers and their places of migration, you please mail the details so that they will be of help in finalising the Vamsavruksham.
    Surapaneni Krishnarao

    Comment by Krishnarao Surapaneni | October 27, 2011

  19. Dear Krishnaraogaru.
    I attended Pedasanagallu school(1st Form,6th grade)in 1948-49. My father Gadde Basavayyagaru was a teacher then at the school.
    Can you tell me any thing about Surapaneni Sree Ramadasgaru of Pedasanagallu? Is he alive and well? He was referred to as Nalla Dasugaru, in order to differentiate him from another with the same name. Dasugaru and I attended Hindu College at Masulipatam during 1954-55. He was a good friend and he used to treat me like his kid brother. I corresponded with him for a while but lost touch later on.

    Comment by Ramachandrarao Gadde | November 11, 2011

  20. Dear Ramachandra Rao garu,
    Thanks for your mail. Sri Das garu is hale and healthy and doing well. He is settled at Pedasanagallu looking after Agriculture. He is my neighbour there. I met him only yesterday there. He can be contacted at his land line phone no. 08671- 25 2291. If you face any difficulty in contacting him, please free to contact me through email.
    With best wishes.
    Surapaneni Krishnarao

    Comment by Krishnarao Surapaneni | November 11, 2011

  21. Dear Krishnaraogaru,
    Many thanks for your prompt reply.
    I am glad to hear Dasgaru is doing well. I will try to contact him soon.
    Ramachandra Rao

    Comment by Ramachandrarao Gadde | November 12, 2011

  22. chi. S.Dimple have going to pune for participation to international karate champion ship tournament from 7th 12th december 2012.

    Comment by S.LAKSHMOJI | December 5, 2012

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